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What's Unique About Our Virtual Tour Windows?
1.  We can create a custom banner for each Realtor/Owner!

2.  Agent or Owner Contact Information, along with links to
     website and email is displayed.  Agent Photo can also be

     Viewers will be able to click a link to see your other virtual
     tours as well.

3.  Virtual Tours include our preset music, or you can choose
     your own. You also have the choice of adding your own
      narrative, or  we can supply a professional voice over
     (extra fees may apply for voiceovers).

4.  Slide Show - This wonderful slideshow feature will showcase all of your snapshots                
                          within the virtual tour in a slide by slide presentation.

5.  Share Tour- Download to your computer for distribution on CD or other meda.
                         Instantly Email the tour to clients.
                         Add to Favorites!

6.  Maps, Area Info, Mortage Info-  Great maps to the property, Area information
                         including  city and school info.  And a Mortgage Calculator.  The
                         Mortgage button can be redirected to your preferred lenders web
                         site upon request.

7.  Back/Next/AutoPlay-  These buttons allow your viewers to customize their
                         virtual tour experience using familiar website like navigation tools.

8.  Pull Down Menu-   This allows viewers to jump quickly to different scenes
                          or still pictures within the virtual tour.

9.  Agent or Company Logo- We can add your company logo to this portion of the
                          virtual tour, further branding the virtual tour experience.

10.  Hot Spot Navigation-  This is something that really sets Insight Virtual Tours apart
                          from many competitors.  Hot Spots are clickable areas of the virtual tour
                         that allow your viewer to GO to those areas of the home.  It creates a
                         more realistic tour then just have a scene by scene slideshow type tour.
                         Viewers can actually walk through the home, this is makes it a
                         virtual open house experience for the viewer.  We often recieve comments
                         from people searching for homes about how much they love being able
                         to navigate around the house (and tour) this way.

11.  MLS Information-  We will add the MLS information to your virtual tour, making it
                         easy for viewers to get familiar with your listing.

12.  Play, Zoom, Up Down-  Viewers have the option of dragging the mouse accross the
                          images to control the tour, OR they can use these easy, traditional type
                          navigation buttons.  Even non technical viewers will be able to utilize your
                          virtual tour.

13.  Virtual Scene Name-  We will add generic scene names like "living room" so the
                           viewer can easily identify what part of the house they are seeing.

14.   Affiliate Logo-  Yes, we add our logo to each tour, it's a great way for other agents
                           to find our services.  This is to your advantage, because the more agents
                           that use our virtual tours, the easier it will be to show houses in your area
                           to potential buyers.     HOWEVER, if you would like to add a different
                           affiliate here and charge them for advertising, that is okay too!  It can be
                           a great way to pay for your tour.

15.  Virtual Tour Custom Window-  We will customize your tour window colors.  We will
                           try to find the colors that best match your site, or the properties site to
                           provide a seamless customer experience.  You can also request special
                           colors that suite your needs.

     Our tour window has many unique options, some are listed below....but not all!    We also customize each virtual tour window to fit our clients needs.  That means custom colors, logos, and information.  Check out some of the features below to find out why YOUR viewers really enjoy our virtual tour experience.